6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Treat the ladies in your life to something special by discovering 6 unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the women who have everything!

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With *certain* special holidays coming up I thought I’d do us all a favour and write an ultimate gift guide to help us buy thoughtful gifts for the amazing women in our lives! Hooray!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Women

I know whenever I’m looking for something for the women in my life my frantic Google searches for ‘UNIQUE GIFTS’ and ‘gifts for the woman who has EVERYTHING’ annoyingly bring up the same old results time and time again- there’s only so many spa days you can buy, right?

So I thought I’d scour the internet archives and do us all a favour- get us all in the good books of the ladies in our lives- and put together a guide to thoughtful gifts for women.

Nothing super fancy pants but everything that screams ‘HEY you deserve this.’

Don’t worry they aren’t ALL sex toys and they aren’t all about getting down and dirty- what they are all about is appreciation. Regardless of what sort of relationship you have with the lady in question, thoughtfulness goes a long way.

So whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Mothers Day gifts, Valentines gifts or just get-out-the-doghouse gifts, I hope this guide gives you some help and inspiration!

The Good Sex blog | Best sex toys for women | How to have sex for the first time | Sex education for women | Best sex and relationships podcast | How to have better sex | Sex advice for women | Women and sex | Sex and relationships blog | Relationship tips

6 Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

1. Really Nice Underwear She’d Never Buy Herself

Ask any woman in your life and I guarantee they’ll agree with me- we have our NICE underwear and then we have our daily stuff. We have our PARTY *wink wink* underwear and then we have our go-to-the-gym-and-sweat-profusely pants.

We all have to buy underwear but we won’t/ can’t all splash £50 on a bra and pants set or beautiful silk babydoll. Beautiful underwear is a really intimate, personal and thoughtful gift to buy a woman.

It’s the epitome of get me something I want, not something I need.

And, PLEASE, guys if you’re buying them for your partner- think about their taste and what they’d like/ be comfortable wearing and don’t just buy that barely-there two piece you’ve been dreaming of seeing her in for years.

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2. Technology To Make Memories Even More Special

Everyone loves making memories, and these days it’s almost as if we like recording them as much as actually creating them!

So why not give her a helping hand?

If the lady in your life is anything like me she LIVES for nostalgia- my friend once said I could romanticise a fly if I tried, go figure- so why not give her a gift that helps time stop for a second?

The perfect gift for a woman who has everything? Memories recorded forever.

3. The Night Away She Didn’t Realise She Needed

Yep, this one. THIS IS THE ONE. If you can splash a bit of cash please do.

We all need a break from time to time, but as is the theme for this list- we never think to treat ourselves.

Take the initiative and your bank card and treat your girl to a mini break- it doesn’t have to be fancy, for long or even far away; literally just a change of scenery can do wonders for your soul AND your relationship

4. The Luxurious Accessories to Every Outfit She Already Has

Sometimes when we think GIFT we think something super elaborate when actually thoughtful often means SIMPLE.

You don’t need to buy her a whole outfit, just buy her the latest piece to the puzzle- the accessories.

Accessories are amazing gifts for women who have everything because by their very nature they’re additional, extra- they aren’t necessary- so they’re special and unique and, again, she’d probably never buy them herself.

5. Pyjamas that Aren’t Threadbare!

Similar to buying a woman lingerie, pyjama’s are a great go-to thoughtful gift because when we buy them ourselves it’s because they’re a necessity.

We go to the sale rack, we think about comfort rather than desire and it’s BORING.

Buy her something she can feel special in instead.

What you go for here will obviously depend on what your relationship is with the woman in question- I could buy my sister pyjamas but it may not be the same kind of bedroom attire you want to buy your new girlfriend, yes?

Think outside the box; think comfy, think silk, think beautiful- THINK BOUDOIR.

6. A Sex Toy that Brings Her Happiness AND Pleasure

Okay, okay you knew it was going to be in here somewhere right? IT IS THE GOOD SEX AFTER ALL.

If you want to be super thoughtful and buy the woman in your life something that will decrease her stress, increase her pleasure and explode her happiness buy her a sex toy.

This isn’t seedy or shameful- this is for her.

(This could also be for you too- buying this kind of gift is bound to start a much-needed conversation and your sex life will benefit hugely from this!)

So, trust me, she’s probably been using the same old vibrator for years and wouldn’t even think to treat herself and switch it up. She might not even know what’s available or new on the market- like this oral sex simulator toy (YES PLEASE!)

As this is such a personal gift, do your research, think about what she likes in the bedroom and buy her something she’ll enjoy and make use of- not just something you want to see/ picture her using.

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