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  • Communicate with CONFIDENCE and JOY to make sure your NEEDS AND DESIRES are met


This course will give you the STRATEGIC actions you can take TODAY to bring back the PASSION and LOVE and make it LAST!

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I've given over 300 people the support they needed to take their relationship from



If you're terrified that

breaking up is inevitable I NEED you to know- you ABSOLUTELY CAN turn this relationship around!


I know at the moment you must be feeling pretty damn LOST.


You might not be able to absolutely PINPOINT WHAT WENT WRONG.


You're probably TOO EMBARRASSED to actually admit to anyone, outside the relationship, that HEY you're not happy.


I imagine you're DESPERATE to feel LOVED and CLOSE to your partner again.


I get it BUT let me tell you:


We're made to feel like "love" should be the easiest thing in the World and that we should be constantly living in a happy ending BUT RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD EFFIN' WORK!


The truth is, EVERY relationship has ups and downs.


None of us have a magic wand and can be the perfect partner ALL THE TIME.


But, the answers to feeling LOVED, WANTED and CONNECTED again are ABSOLUTELY available to you!


This is NOT THE END of your relationship- you can feel IN LOVE once again, here's how...

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The Connection Booster course is the ULTIMATE relationship rescue package FOR YOU


Inside the course you get access to the following tailor-made tools and couples activities...


  • #RelationshipGoals Couples Goal Setting Workbook


  • Boundaries for Conversation Couples Framework


  • Date Night Demystifier Couples Workbook


  • Loving Communication Couples Workbook

  • The Relationship Audit Couples Workbook


  • Sex + You Couples Quiz


All of this PLUS 7 easy to read modules FULL of guidance that have created BREAKTHROUGHS for lots of couples previously!


ALL for ONLY £22 today (+VAT)