The Connection Booster


A Step by Step Guide to Feeling Happier and More Connected in Your Relationship

Relationships can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

  • You love your partner but you have SO many other priorities.

  • You want to be intimate with your partner but you have NO IDEA how to talk to them about what you want in the bedroom...

  • You want your relationship to work but it feels like something is missing?!

  • You fancy your partner and you're happy but meh... the honeymoon period is officially over.

In case no one has told you yet- it's okay to feel any or all of the above! It's absolutely natural.

Relationships are hard work, they ebb and flow and take a lot of maintenance (like everything worth having in life!)

Unfortunately, we live in a world where #RelationshipGoals make it look like everyone else has life SORTED and our "intimate" lives are supposed to remain secret.

Well I'm here to tell a different story.

I created The Connection Booster course (and the rest of this website) to show that it's absolutely okay to need a bit of support with your relationship- that it's NORMAL and it doesn't mean your relationship is over if you need a helping hand now and again.

I always say you wouldn't think twice about asking for help with any other area of your life (e.g. finances, fitness, health) so why feel bad or make you jump through hurdles for help with your relationships? It's not fair.

And this is where The Connection Booster comes in.

The connection booster is a simple 5 step course that helps couples reconnect, boost their happiness & rebuild their intimacy. 

If you're currently:


#1 In a relationship SLUMP thinking, 'is this all there is?'

#2 Feeling lost and like there's something missing in your relationship

#3 Looking to relocate those initial, honeymoon-style sparks

#4 Desperate for something to help your relationship get back on track (something that doesn't cost an absolute BOMB!)


You are in the RIGHT PLACE, I made this course for YOU.


The Connection Booster was created to support couples who find themselves in a funk and want simple tools to guide them back to feeling excited and passionate about their relationship!

What will the course teach you?

The course is broken up into 5 easy to digest steps (no complicated stuff here!) and each step includes a couples activity for you to complete together.

During the course you will learn:

Image by Leonardo Wong

What's currently missing

Using a tailor-made tool you'll take an audit of where you're at in your relationship honestly right now. You'll be given the guidance to look at all the key areas in your relationship and be supported to identify and analyse what needs changing and what's already awesome. This is the foundation you'll build upon during the rest of the course!

Image by STIL

How to set relationship goals

Once you know where you're at you'll be able to start exploring and planning for where you want to be! Together you'll identify what you want to improve upon and/or change. You will be guided through the goal setting process and end with a solid plan on how you'll achieve self-selected relationship goals that will keep you connected and moving forward.

Image by Jenny Marvin

How to communicate with love

Using my FAVOURITE (and NY Times Best Selling) communication tool you'll be shown the way in communicating with more love and less conflict. You'll be able to identify where your communication is failing at the moment and how you can make subtle changes to show your partner you respect and care for them.

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How to prioritise your relationship

Once you've got your communication down it's time to think about how and if you prioritise your partner. During this step you'll look at what "quality" time actually means in your relationship AND how you can make this a natural (and easy) part of your day so everyone feels appreciated. You'll be guided through a series of exercises to create your perfect 'date' and learn how to bring back the Honeymoon period butterflies!


How to share your desires

The final step in the course focuses on desires- what you want, what you need and how to communicate all of this confidently with your partner. You'll discover how to bring more intimacy into your relationship and discover top tips on keeping things exciting (not intimidating!) in the bedroom.

what do you get for your £££?

To create this course I combined lots of the activities, guidance, tips and tricks I've used in my many years working as a relationship and sex educator.  I aimed to create something SIMPLE, something that wasn't super time-intensive or costly so everyone would have a chance at boosting their relationships.  

So, what does the course include exactly?


  • Seven easy to read modules FULL of guidance that I've used with lots of couples previously


  • Practical couples exercises and activities in each step (the course isn't all theory!)


  • Over 67 pages of printer-friendly workbooks and activities to support your learning (and get you working!)


  • The exact tools I've used to boost my own relationship happiness (that I wish I'd known about YEARS ago!)