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Are you in need of a space where sex and relationships aren't spoken about in hushed tones? Or, do you need someone to share with you how to keep the spark sparkling without telling you to bend like a pretzel? HOORAY, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

My name's Helen Alison (join me here!) and I created this website many moons ago now so women could have somewhere to openly share and learn about sex and relationships without feeling shame, embarrassment or like they had to be superhuman to be satisfied!


Oh there are SO many reasons why I created The Good Sex, where to begin?


Firstly, as much as we've pushed forward in the progression stakes sex is still very much a taboo in the areas it needs to not be a taboo E.G. EDUCATION! My job alongside this website is as a relationship and sex educator and so I'm really passionate about making sure everyone has access to education. And, actually I don't think education should stop at the age of 18! If you have a question about your sex life you should have someone, or somewhere, to pose that and find out what you need- unfortunately that's not always the case.

Therefore The Good Sex was created so women would have a place to share and learn so they never felt alone with all this (we don't all have friends who will willingly spill about this stuff so think of us as your far away friend!)

Secondly, in connection with the above point and on a serious note, my roots are in supporting survivors of sexual violence (I still do this via my other website here) and I'm a firm believer that if we can't talk about the GOOD sex how do we ever expect someone to vocalise when they've had BAD sex, or worse been abused? Silence = shame and that we can't afford.


Lastly, I believe our relationships can be the foundation for so much goodness and joy and success in our lives BUT I'm a realist and I'm only TOO aware that they aren't easy.

Developing healthy, happy relationships isn't simple yet everyone seems to think they should just be able to start and maintain a relationship on their own with zero conversation or help from anyone else- to me this is a recipe for disaster! 


Relationships take A LOT of time and effort and it's okay to seek help. That is why our focus here is about maintaining and sustaining connections not just sexually but in our relationships as a whole.

The Good Sex is a space for women to take up space. A place to feel comfortable *no seedy dark sex stuff here* and explore the answers to any sex and relationships questions that will support their connections, and lives.

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