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here for you & your love life

The Good Sex is here for every woman who needs a friendly voice to talk about relationships and S.E.X with!

Unfortunately not all of us have those friends who will willingly divulge how they keep the spark alive, and sometimes stuff on the net can be a bit awkward and dark can't it?

The Good Sex is a comfy corner online where you can find practical tips and simple advice for your relationships and sex life.

Let's make your love life as awesome as the rest of your life eh?

sex advice

Sex education for grown up girls here we come! Think how to begin with kink, sex toy guides & advice on feeling sexy again.

relationship help

Practical advice on how to keep your love life ticking! We're talking about communication, body confidence, top tips for bedroom fun- it's all here!

free resources

Now we know it's not easy keeping a relationship feeling funky and fresh - that's why we created the Freebie library! In here you'll find our latest free resources to support your love life.


For that extra support we've created some tailor-made courses just for you and your love life!

Including this bad boy all about reconnecting with your partner in 5 steps...


Reconnect with your partner in 10 days



My signature couples course is open for enrolment now!